Monday, November 22, 2010

sorry its been so very long.

The one on the left. I entered in a contest.. it was taken in my grandmother's backyard..

Time hasn't been on my side. I entered a contest... and went on a hike... busy busy...My best friend in the entire world turned a year older... etc.

I've just been very busy,
But beyond that I am going to show some pics I took when we went and walked at sandy creek nature center...we went about
an hour before sundown... so we had
a little while before it got dark.. I took some really pretty pictures... but I was walking my dog and it was very hard to get him to stay still so I could take a picture.

The far left, I just took a picture straight up in to the treetops. left, is my brother is a tree, he actually picked out where it was going to be.

this was my pumpkin from Halloween but it feel apart very quickly. it was in the shape of a skull!! next: this is my cat...Haku, named from "Spirted away" he was named after the FLUFFY Dragon guy. =3.. remember, these pictures are not edited.. straight from the camera. so.. yeah.. I guess that's all you need to know.. HA in that no one reads my blog. I pretty much write to myself.which is fine of course I want to be a photo journalist at some point in my life so i guess this is setting me up for what shall come..

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