Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Pic's

Oh yeah, I can do this. Post almost everyday.. (HOPEFULLY)
Wow. this is very hard to find something to write about.
Mom is having us do art Project's and reports.
Art Project: We Have practically
4 weeks to w
rite a
nd color a really nice comic book. Report: We each have to write on a civilization.

But back to photography, Here is some more pictures that I took. Blogger is very annoying and you can only post so many pictures. I think the Limit is 5 picture?? BUT I'm not certain. So... Here are my pictures... I took all of these on the way to the corn maze. So
I was in a
car. MOVING!!

This Picture is of Grace (my bestest friend) and her dad Joe talking in the front seat.
This is of a cow. B&W and then I hand colored it.. :) So hard to get the colors right.
I like the little house way up in the tree line. Its so dainty Don't you think. I like these to pictures of Grace I think the top one is my favorite. Shadow is nice.. and the color is Really NICE!! The bottom one is kind of nice, Its very darker. I guess is the correct term. :) yeah. Well..
Thats all I have to post. So.. talk to you later.

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