Friday, January 7, 2011

Catch up.

I've not posted in a while.. So I'm doing a catch up post.. Some pics from December and January, To begin Its officially 2011.. Thats sort of exciting. New years was really fun. Our friends from NJ came into town to stay with us.. And my friend Grace came over and spent the night. We stayed up until 1:30 am or so.. It was fun. I wish I took pictures of that night but I didn't really. I took a few of the 3 year old that was staying with us.. Sophia. She moved to much to do a good job taking her picture so I finally got one of her little hands.

POP-ART! I don't really love this picture but I like the way his eye looks. (this is my brother)
GRACE (Link above) We're on my neighbors deer stand. The view is really amazing up there. SO.. We were taking pictures from up there. Its really high though.

CRAP. I took this in my dad's truck So Its not very great quality but I like the way the sun makes the white steeple glow.

Grace and my converse, Mine are on the bottom.
Oh yeah, good news. I now have an older canon rebel camera. I can't use it yet because it takes film and a battery. And I only have the film. It was at my aunts house for a long time ever though it belonged to my mom. So.. Im going to get a battery and hopefully use it sometimes.


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