Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well this is depressing,......

I haven't had time to take many pictures this week or the week before. The process is pretty long.
I've got to find something to take a picture of.
Ive got to find the right setting for whatever I'm taking a picture of.
I have to take the picture.
I have to upload,Edit, And export to Picasa web albums!
It's been busy around here the last two weeks so.... Hopefully I can get back into the grove of taking pictures more...
But since its getting colder, less flowers are coming out. So :( I need to find something else to take photographs of. I also want to get copies printed and maybe sell them? I don't know if people would buy them since I'm an 11 year old girl. I'm going to try though. Dad took me and my brother to the J&J Saturday and there was this lady from Texas selling her photographs. she hand colored them and everything.. Hand coloring in my opinion seems hard. I've never tried it but....You know...
The idea seems hard.
I'm taking my camera today, I'm going to Jittery Joe's Roasting to see some people Juggle, Hula hoop and tell stories, Hopefully they will let me take pictures, I'm getting better at doing motion pictures. Why? No idea. The nice thing about going to this thing (I don't know what its called) Is You can get coffee and stuff while you watch. And I love a nice vanilla Chie or Ice latte! Yum my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
But back to what I was saying before I got caught of track by the Idea of coffee.
The people are going to be doing really cool things, only sucky thing about is that its only about an Hour long. :( I wish it was going to be longer. Tonight they are going to be doing a show, But I don't know where or when! I know I'm useless for Information.. and I'm sorry for that. All I know is they are doing a demonstration show. It was in the paper yesterday.

Well I'm off to get ready :)

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